Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Putt Putt For the Fun Of It!

My sis-in-law had a great suggestion. We could book a birthday party package for all the cousins in honor of Sweet Cheeks' birthday. We have enough kids for a package, afterall!

We began with a little game of Putt Putt golf.
Everyone had a great time and was super-sweet to the birthday girl!

I think Putt Putt needs to buy these photos for their ads. So cute.

After mini-golf, we played a round of laser tag. If you've read my blog for any length of time, you know that lasertag isn't something Sweet Cheeks would be drawn to. But like a brave almost-6-year-old, she donned the gear and picked up her weapon, and followed her Papa into the war zone. Midway through, CC might have gotten a little more interested in shooting the green guys than in looking after his little girl, and they became separated. She was crying, the attendant spotted her. He then took off her pack and weapon, helped her find her dad, and the two became a team. I am sure he was still the high scorer even with his little girl's hand in his pocket as he ran!

They provided pizza and drinks, and we brought the cake SC had picked out.

Big Ben had fun scaring his Mimi with his animal mask. When noticing her "fear," he'd pull it off and say, "It just me, Mimi!"

We were given free arcade tokens as part of our package. There was no turning back for Big Ben. He wanted no help shifting or steering. His dad's face says it all.

And perhaps the most fun of all were the unlimited go-kart rides. They even had a go-kart for Sweet Cheeks' age. They were nice and slow. I was so happy to see her try it!

There were bumper boats that sprayed. Loads of fun (and water)!

And go-karts for the big kids were a hit, too.

Lookout world, only 4 more years!

It was such a fun night! This is something my kids have never done before and was a blast for all of us !

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Rachel said...

Happy Belated Birthday! And oh, that facial expression was priceless. That's the kind of picture you blow up and use on a cake. :)

Tara G. said...

I enjoy putt putt!! It rained almost every day the week we were at my parents' so we didn't get to go.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Sara and her beautiful children . . . and Ross, of course! Ha.

That did look like a whole lot of fun and such a great variety of activities. My family would have also had a blast. Daddy used to take the kids places like this and was a nervous wreck in the go-carts with the boys. :)

What great memories of a sixth birthday!


Anonymous said...

P. S. I must tell you I laughed and laughed about Papa and E in the laser tag. Why does that sound so familiar?

The Fish Family said...

Loved this post with so many pictures. ME looks so grown up and pretty. Loved Mimi being scared with Big Ben!! Did you know that we are friends with the man who wrote the jingle "Putt putt for the fun of it"??

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