Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Did What I Shant Have Done

I know it was wrong. But I did it. My sis-in-law in Nashville buys milk from the Amish as part of a co-op. It was her month to drive up to the Amish country and get the milk. I have lived near Amish communities when we lived in Indiana. I know all the rules. No electricity. No cars. No fancy clothes. No photos. But, tell me, how I could have experienced THIS over the summer and not snapped blog photos?

C begged me not to be seen taking their photo! I hid behind the car window and snapped it at just the right time. C had brought them candy and they were very much preoccupied with that. I would have paid a bunch to get a photo of that little doll's face in the front. She was so cute and so barefooted.

A drive to Amish town was a fun diversion for me!

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The Fish Family said...

You've been a rule breaker since we were in high school. I shouldn't have been surprised that you did this. I think I will forgive you if you let me have copies of your photos. I would have never taken them but they sure are worth having! :)

Nancy said...

Consider it a way of teaching others about people that they haven't had the blessing of meeting yet :)
Amish just amaze me!

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