Friday, August 19, 2011

Staying at the Peel's

We are back in Turkey! The kids have proven that all those little jetlag tips work. They say to get plenty of sunshine (stay out at the park for 5-6 hours a day running with your buddies you haven't seen all summer); drink plenty of fluids (crash the nearest buddy's house and ask his/her mom for water before going back out); try to avoid naps (not a problem for my kids). Within 2-3 days, (it's supposed to take at least 8 days at this distance), they have gotten adjusted. That is, except Big Ben, who keeps waking up and crawling in our bed at night. We did make it back 24 hours later than expected, but were happy to get back home, happy to be greeted by B who had lots of hugs and Nutella chocolate sandwiches for kids who slept through the airplane meals, happy to see Phaselis the Great our kitty, happy to begin another year of service here.

But before I get ahead of myself, I must go back...waaayyy back to mid-July. I want to finish up a log of our summer before launching into the new school year.

Our first week in Memphis, we were graciously invited to housesit for the Peel's once again. There's really no trade off, we get the best end of it. We feed a couple of dogs and cats, we get to stay in a beautiful home and enjoy flat screen tv's, a chilled pool, and a little respite at the beginning of summer.

Thank you, Peel's, for your continual hospitality to us!
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Tara G. said...

And I just heard a melatonin pill may also help things along! (at least for the adults!)

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