Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fourth of July Equals Family

This Fourth of July we spent in Memphis. The sweetest thing happened that day. My nephew, T, is 9 years old. He is old enough and thoughtful enough to realize how much Big Ben looks up to him. On the Fourth of July, before we came over, T got his very special Cars stuff and told his mom he wanted to pass it on to his little cousin. His mom was a bit sad, realizing an era in his life was passing and knowing how special those toys once were. And yet she gladly allowed him to pass them on, realizing his gift was from the heart. I am old enough to realize most 9 year old boys don't think that way. Mater and Lightning will be well taken care of!
Sweet Cheeks had a great time swimming with her same-age cousin!

This precious cousin has to be shared by my two oldest girls. Aren't we blessed to have so many cousins to play with?

Uncle D was our chef and made some great hot dogs!

The grandparents came over and joined us for the day.

I made the dessert, but CC put the berries on for me. He's the artist of the family!

And here are all the cousins on the Campbell side, lined up by age!

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