Wednesday, August 31, 2011

July 15: A Big Day

On July 15, what Sweet Cheeks has talked about for 6 months finally came true. She turned 6! She woke with a grin on her face. She glided down the stairs much like a Miss USA contestant would. She was given a blueberry pancake with a candle.
Her day was filled with lots of birthday wishes, remembering when she was born, a yummy birthday cake (which her dad picked out to be sure the icing was the really, really sweet kind), and lots of presents!

Happy birthday, little girl! You are not allowed to turn 7!

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Anonymous said...

While I could not like one of your kids more than any of the others, this one would most definitely be my girl . . . For lots of reasons.

As I say that, I think of how much I would like ME and relate to her being the oldest and the mother hen of the group. Then there is A, charming to no end with her mother's big smile; Essie - the wild and beautiful one is what I think of her and hope my son finds someone like her; bringing up the rear is everybody's favorite little man, a real doll himself. I could definitely get into the truck/construction vehicle thing with him because that was what I played with . . . In the midst of all that is EKC . . . maybe it is the name or maybe just because she reminds so much of my youngest daughter, but mostly, I think, because she seems to walk to the beat of a different drummer like I always did.

They are all precious and I look forward to meeting them all some day.


Tara G. said...

She is darling!! My favorite little boy turns 6 this November- he asks about it nearly every day!

Tara G. said...

P.S. I'll wave to you from the sea this week! :)

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