Friday, August 26, 2011

The Best of Times

The motto from my university (OBU) was The Best of Times. That's how I would sum it up. I LOVED college. I went to school away from my hometown and did not know a soul upon arrival. But my very first year, I met these two friends who will be my lifelong friends. One always makes me laugh, one is always there for me. They were both in my wedding, and I can't tell you how deeply I appreciate their effort to drive to my city to see me when I am home.
CC agreed to let us sleep in a hotel room for one night, while he kept the Clanskids. One tradition is Dairy Queen. I get it once a year, with these girls. I always get the same thing...Peanut Buster Parfait. LD (middle) reminded me that one year I told the boy at Dairy Queen that he could give me just as much chocolate sauce as he felt comfortable with. That doesn't surprise me that I said that.

Thank you, God, for friends !

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Mitch-Shannon said...

PBP- Always my default DQ treat. So, so good.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes! I know the feeling and have those friends from when I was a little girl. They are so precious! So glad you have that when you come home.


P. S. I love the peanut buster parfaits myself! Guess what I used to do to mine? I would request walnuts instead of peanuts! Yum! Unfortunately, Dairy Queen doesn't carry the walnuts anymore.

whimzie said...

I forget who was friends with who back in the day! So glad you all got to meet up and have some girl time! Those OBU friends are precious, aren't they?

Jennifer said...

Not sure how I missed this that you are friends with Laurie! I do not know her but will always love her for telling me about PD's in Franklin! Such a fun place to get some deals and to have a ball looking around. Hope you are getting settled back in at home after your amazing summer!

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