Monday, August 29, 2011


The kids had lots of play time this summer. We swam, boated, watched tv, went to movies, played with cousins. Their fun cups were filled! Occasionally I will ask them, "What was one of your favorite parts of the summer?" Surprisingly, I will get answers like: selling vegetables at a road-side stand with our cousins or shucking corn or picking the garden. There's just something about going to Grandma's house and getting to be in the country for these city-slicker kids that is very special.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful memories . . . Every child should have grandparents who have a garden. I shucked a lot of corn in my growing up years and loved every minute.

I would guess your mother makes some killer creamed corn, or fried corn, as we called it. We always had a skillet full of that for supper on the days we put up corn.

Ah, such good memories.


P. S. Work is more fun sometimes . . . we just don't always think so ahead of time. I also remember the lazy days at my grandmother's house drinking buttermilk and picking a big tomato out of the garden to make a tomato sandwich and sitting down with a good book while I drank buttermilk and ate tomato sandwiches . . .


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Kids are good about that. It's always the little things that make the most impact. I try to remember that with Evie. Sometimes I ask her what the best part of the day was for her and she always surprises me with her answers.

Deena said...

My Jacie is the same way. She LOVES going to the farm to visit my parents. She enjoys helping in the garden, playing with the animals and having so much wide open space to run around and play.

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