Thursday, August 25, 2011

Going Mongolian

This sweet group of friends from my church make me their excuse to get together when I am in town. Some are new friends, some are old friends, they are all special. We all met at a Mongolian Grill restaurant. We had a little lesson in how to build our bowl of food. Meat first. Veggies on top. Then spices.
Isn't she cute?! MA was forced to invite me to a girls' sleepover because I was the new girl in town when we were in 7th grade. (She denies this, but I know it to be true.) I, of course, had to be the class clown, so I jumped off her house's balcony and broke my toe. I know, very cool of me. Many kids and many countries later, we are still friends.

This was where they grilled our food, mmmm! There's just something so girls-night-out-ish about men cooking our food, while we sit and discuss life.

I had a SUPER time! We stayed out til nearly 11PM...that's right, suburban moms. Just crazy!
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Anonymous said...

How wonderful and how fun!


Tara G. said...

You are a wild one, Sara! :) We'll be down in Crimea next month-just right across the sea again...someday we need to have a girls night out, too!

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