Sunday, September 4, 2011


You know, when you park yourself inside Shoe Carnival with 5 kids all needing tennis shoes/school shoes/crocs for the next school year, you are mentally prepared that it is going to be a big ticket...even if it is buy one, get one 1/2 off.

So, knowing that I was about to drop our yearly big chunk of change on that place, I didn't even bother to correct my two Turks when they strutted through the store in 4 inch heels.

I figured it is just a cost a doing business when you have a client like us.
And I literally said nothing when the Turks decided the try-on chairs were best used as tumbling mats.
It's really uncharacteristic of me, I am a teacher afterall.
But I figured if I'm going to spend that kind of money all at once, I might as well make full use of the place.

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Melanie Keffer said...

It's called "age" Sara. Hate to break it to you. :))

I know am going to get booed out of the motherhood-club-of-America for this one but having experience at not doing what I am about to say, I feel qualified to say it. We were meant to have our children young. I had my last one at 35, which most don't consider overly old but my doctor did. 18 to 25 are prime child-bearing years I was told . . . in other words, the years when we handle these things like rolling off a log. I tend to believe it. Having Kathleen at 26 was much different than having Matt at 35.

Only my opinion, of course, as I sit here and giggle. I was in the same boat when mine were little. I made them sit like little soldiers lined up in a line everywhere we went in public. I caught a lot of criticism for that but was never sorry and can only figure it was the German in me that made me such a nazi mother.

I totally understand where you are coming from and am sitting here thinking, "Thank you Lord, I am past that stage!" :)


Melanie Keffer said...

And lest I give your readers the impression I am criticizing you, I most definitely am not!! Buying four of mine one pair of shoes each, at the same time, was a monumental chore . . . Let alone three pairs apiece at the same time! Whew! That ranks right up there with the million suitcases you cart across the globe. :)


Melanie Keffer said...

Oh, and if anyone should wonder why you don't take them separately, instead of all at once, I know the reason for that too!!


Tara G. said...

So did the zebra print heels make it to Turkey with you!?! :)

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