Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Perge Part I

Our next day trip took us to Perge, an abandoned town inhabited a couple thousand years ago. Greek colonists came there after the Trojan War, but it is suspected that they ousted people already living there. The town prospered under Alexander the Great and the Romans.

As we drove in, we spotted an aquaduct. Those things are just everywhere! Papa started in, then I heard, "We know, Papa. There were clay pipes on top which carried water into the town." Right. They've got it.

As I mentioned earlier, these places are just ripe for crawlers, climbers, explorers under age 10!
This is the city's ancient gate. Those 5 kids under it are just as impressive to me!
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Melanie Keffer said...

Were we suppose to be looking at pictures of Perge? Ha. I am seeing the kids, hearing what you write, and remembering and relating all the way.

We, Moms, can't help ourselves, can we? A definite love affair all its own.

Lindsey said...

I find it absolutely, utterly fascinating that your kids are able to crawl around on ancient city gates freely- and without restraint- and also so "normally"!!

What limited experiences the majority of children have- those who aren't yet old enough or able to experience such worldy exposure! I'm thrilled for your children- and so thankful (on their behalf) that you're giving them these experiences!!

I still come across the occasional 7th grader who thinks that Philadelphia is in the Middle East...or some such! lol

Already looking forawrds to Perge Pt. II!

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