Friday, January 22, 2010

Evidence of Single Parenting

On Wednesday nights, I go to a Bible study for women (actually...girls...but they graciously allow us to pretend to be one of them). Before I go, I make dinner and get it on the table, try to help the girls get all their homework and piano done, kiss everyone an early goodnight, then head out the door and leave CC in charge. He is super (SUPER!) when he is alone with them, but let's face it, we have 4 girls. So I ask when I get home, "How did it go? Who cried?" This week, he said, "No one, things went great." Then he did remember that Big Ben had made it all the way up the stairs (marble), but thankfully had not fallen down. He said a sheepish Perma-Baby had called out, "Uh oh. Uh oh." (evidently enticing him up, but then later repenting at the top).

But as I made my way back to the bedroom to get on pajamas, I found things like this...
And this...
Evidently, CC's attention had mostly been on the females. The boy had gotten everyone's toothbrush and sucked all the toothpaste remnants off of them. The girls refused to use them. (I admit, I have created germ-phobes after living in Singapore during the SARS virus outbreak.) Then I guess when the toothbrushes were taken away, he found nail polish. Somehow none of them broke. I'll bet that was fun.
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Melanie Keffer said...

I am laughing picturing Ben sucking all the tooth brushes dry and Eva coaxing him up the stairs.

When you said Ben started walking, I giggled with anticipation and sat back just waiting for the stories that are sure to follow.

This is going to be great! :))

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