Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mediterranean Sea: Fun Out of the Water

We searched for interesting rocks on the beach. (Later we had to decide if they were interesting enough to haul them back to our city in our backpacks.)
Further back on the beach, behind the rocks, there is very coarse rocky sand.
This provided much entertainment for the one girl who was not the slightest bit interested in being in cold water.
This one, on the other hand, stayed in the water til we made her leave.
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Melanie Keffer said...

I realized the other day when looking at your blog, that Annika smiles just like your brother. Do you think so?

I see Ross in Eva in these pictures. I've been trying to figure out who she looked like. Of course, I saw Ross in Mary's face a long time ago but since seeing pictures of Ross' mom, realize who Mary takes after.

I still say Ben is a deadringer for you. Esther looks like you also.

I love seeing the pictures and am enjoying looking at your family with dirt on their hands, standing in freezing cold water, or whatever they are doing. The funniest post is still you and Ross dressed for Halloween. What an oxymoron that was!! :)

Thanks for sharing your family with those of us outside the family.


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