Saturday, January 2, 2010

Night of the House Fire

As I posted earlier in my house fire blog post, we had gone out to dinner and tried a new place to eat. This gentleman owned the place and fell head over heels for my kids. (Yes, Perma Baby is in her pajamas!) He invited us to sit with him by the hearth and have a second cup of tea. (They never even asked us if we wanted the first cup, it was just assumed!) It was at the point this picture was taken that the electricity came back on in our home and the fire started. It's things like that which show me how very sovereign our God is. We were out, making time for an old man, trying to understand his country Turkish accent, lingering over a second cup of tea with him...while our house was on fire. Had God wanted us home, He would not have given us an opportunity to stay with the man.

Ironically, my girls were warming their hands by a a fireplace.

This was the damage to our floor. It has a coat of varnish, which is why it caught fire as well.
This was the ceiling as a result of the fire.
The next morning the cleanup need was extensive. All the girls chipped in to help.
It will be one Christmas I will remember always. I am so thankful for God, my husband, my children and even my safe little kitty cat. We have each other, what more could we want?
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Crystal DeLong said...

Annika's haircut really makes her look older. You have such beautiful girls.

Lindsey said...

So very glad that you are all okay!! What a relief- and what an experience you all had! Any chance that insurance (renters' insurance?) will cover the repair costs?

Laurie said...

God really did protect ya'll!

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