Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bad Dogs

Wednesday morning, most of us left the house for the brisk walk to school. Only CC remained behind, tying up his shoes, putting on his coat. As we walked down the street, we noticed a pack of wild dogs on the hill by our house. There were about 12-15 of them. Wild dogs are a problem here. They travel in packs and develop a pack mentality, much like wolves. I told Eva to keep up and stay near me, then I gave my meanest teacher look to those dogs. We went on, then CC called my cell phone and asked me to send one of the kids back, he had left his keys in the house. I just had that 'feeling' (from God) to watch my firstborn as she walked back. I handed her a stick and told her I'd wait until she got to our house before I made the turn down the next street. About a 1/2 minute later, I heard her screams. Those ol' dogs saw she was alone and came after her.
And then I was faced with the ol' "Which baby do you save?" syndrome, because I was holding B's stroller on a downhill slope in the street. I screamed for Essie to catch it, and when she got about 5 feet from it, I just let go, trusting she'd catch it. Then I took off down the street after my firstborn. She was not bitten, but they were growling/snarling and ready to bite. I became a She-Bear. CC came from the other direction. He was one mad Daddy Bear. Our neighbors are so sweet. They came out, they helped chase them off. A man even stopped his car to assist Essie holding the stroller in the street. CC says I gave those dogs quite an earful in English, something along the lines of, "You think you're gettin' my girl, you've got another thing comin'!" Or maybe I said, "Bring it on, Mama Bear is here." Whatever I said it got my adrenaline up for about 1/2 the day. I am not even sure what my 7th graders said or did for the first hour of class.
I realize I have many dog-lover readers. I love dogs, too. These are just not your ordinary pets. They are wild, hungry, pack-like dogs, and they seem to be getting more brazen. Firstborn is 5 ft. tall now, but they saw her alone and went after her.
When I got to school, I felt I didn't need that morning cup o' coffee after all. I was awake without it. But I did take a moment to thank God for watching over us once again.
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Anonymous said...

So scary, Sara!! Glad she's okay. I'll bet that did get your blood pumping and heart racing!!

Melanie Keffer said...

Oh my!! Isn't it so true how much God watches over us? He really does!

I can imagine how you felt. Those are times when as parents we know no fear except for our "babies."

It doesn't get any better when they older let me tell you . . . BUT the good part is God is still watching over them.

Kathleen's apartment complex had many cars broken into on New Year's eve around midnight or a little after . . First, that is the time she comes sailing in from studying at the law library a lot of nights and never thinks about danger. Secondly, she is a young lady alone and doesn't know anyone in her complex except by sight. Third, as you know, America is not like Turkey and not as watchful over their neighbors.

BUT, God is still the same!! Kathleen, herself, was here at home in Mississippi and her car was parked on the school campus at a friend's apartment who offered to let her keep it there while she was out of town.

There was no reason for Kathleen not to leave it at her own apartment, they just decided that at the last minute.

Tell me that wasn't God!!

The "moma bear" over here was ready to take off for Virginia, hunt down the perpetrators (which they still haven't found) and give them a stern warning about messing with my cub! :)) My first thought was, "Kathleen, I will be there next week to move you into a different apartment!"


Melanie Keffer said...

Isn't Mary blossoming into a beautiful young lady? She reminds me of Kathleen, also the oldest, because she looks older than her years.

Very lovely young lady!

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