Saturday, January 16, 2010

An old bridge, a raging river, and a slightly stressed mama

One day we drove (and drove and drove) out to a bridge which was built by the Romans 2000 years ago. Within the last 10 years, the Turkish Department of Transportation has reinforced it. But amazingly it is still there. It spans a gorge in the mountains. How in the world did they build it? I try to imagine them in their togas and sandals making a bridge that would last 2000 years.
Here are my girls sitting on the bridge. We actually drove across it. I said to Campbell Clansman, "Are you sure it is safe?" to which he had one of his witty replies...something along the lines of, "Sure, the Romans built it after as far as the Turkish road crews who repaired it...."

There was a massive storm the night before. The waves in the ocean seemed to double my husband's height. So the river at this place was swollen and raging. We walked down a winding path (with broken rails on either side...we call this land we live in the Plaintiff Lawyer's Dream). We got up to the river for this picture. Look closely, what in the world had I just said? I am imagining something like "Ok, take it quickly." or "Mary Erin, do NOT let go of your sister's hand." These are awful pictures of me, but they make me laugh. My face is a dead give-away. I was worried one of my babes was going to slip and fall into that raging, storm-provoked river.

Ha ha! Look at me!!!

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Melanie Keffer said...

Having faced those fears only we mothers know, I am chuckling at your description of yourself. It is good that you can laugh now. I still would not be laughing . . . after the kids' being hurt, my biggest fears are height and water. At least you could manage a smile!!

These are beautiful pictures. Everything is fascinating.


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