Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, my little star

I am ALMOST done with vacation pictures! But I had to interrupt the normal sequence to share that today is my sweet little Esther's birthday! 8 years ago today, 1 day after my due date, Dr. Tan said, "We need to start your labor now, I have concerns." I said, "Sure, I am ready, whatever you think we should do." Then I proceeded to the labor ward and realized that it was January 18, my sweet mama's birthday. I teared up a little. The nurse came in and said, "It's ok, you are going to be ok. The baby is fine." I said, "I know. It's not the labor I am afraid of. I am just happy he/she will have my mom's birthday." And so, three hours later, our little "Star" (Esther) was born. She is an absolute joy to us in every way. I am so thankful for her pure heart and that she has given her life to Jesus.

Saturday, we took Esther and her siblings and three little friends ice skating. Campbell Clansman said, "Man, Sara, you were flying on the ice." Unfortunately my skating ability is due mostly to the fact that I viewed skating practice as far more crucial than piano practice when I was a kid.

Esther chose an American, a Korean, and a Dutch friend to take ice skating.
We found a pizza place at the mall and celebrated right there. We had a wonderful day. Happy Birthday, sweet Esther (and Mom!). We love you! (and a shout out to Karoline Keffer...happy birthday to a girl born on a very special day!)
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Melanie Keffer said...

Sara, you are such a sweetheart for mentioning Karoline.

I hate to even mention this but the 23 year old with a birthday I was referring to was Kathleen, your little third grade student.

Well, it doesn't matter because the thought was definitely there!

That was so sweet. I had forgotten about your Mom's birthday. I know Esther made her birthday that much more special once she arrived.

Esther is a star and a real beauty. I could see her married to a king, couldn't you?

I was also thinking that of all the things we have in common, how neat is it that our children have common birth dates that are either the same or very close? That just blows my mind.

Happy Birthday sweet Esther and Mrs. Fish!


Lindsey said...

Looks like the little star shone brightly on her birthday! (Congrats to her mother for not crashing on the ice!)

Happy birthday, Esther!

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