Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Undaunted

Christmas morn (actually, Christmas Eve was when we celebrated) was undaunted. Undaunted means: undismayed; not discouraged; not forced to abandon purpose or effort. We woke up and had our normal Christmas brunch...cinnamon rolls, breakfast casserole, fresh fruit, and this year a new item... homemade hashbrowns. All this was enjoyed together as a family as the repairman fixed our fire damage. We decided to press on and not let the calamity of the week stop our plans.

This boy really doesn't stand a chance, does he?

This year sisters shopped at the Dollar Tree this summer for each other, hid the presents, wrapped them, and exchanged gifts for Christmas. If only you could have seen me with my Dollar Tree shopping cart last summer...4 corners of the cart sectioned off with Dollar Tree hand towels hiding from the others what was to be bought, keeping track of whose corner was whose. Next year, I may do 4 separate trips instead!

We enjoyed exchanging gifts, then packed up that night to head to the coast. More on that tomorrow!

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Melanie Keffer said...

Sara . . . My favorite picture (I laugh when I say this because I always have a new favorite don't I?) is posted at the head of your blog. I love that one. Beautiful smiles on all faces!

There is nothing to say except to praise God for His goodness to us all this past year. There just aren't words.

God answered prayer and unlike last year's unemployed Christmas, we had presents under our tree this still-unemployed-year!! I know presents are not important . . . God understood the heart of a mom and dad and knew the reason we asked Him to be able to do for our kids at Christmas. We were also able to do for my mother and what great things we got! Things everyone wanted or needed --- All for a small amount of money! It was truly wonderful and only God could have directed it. The kids also had money to buy for each other and came up with the best presents as well.

Dollar Tree was also one of our shopping stops. :)

Good to hear from you via blog, once again. Looking forward to a good year as we all keep pressing on for Him!!


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