Monday, January 11, 2010

Mediterranean Sea Part I (a.k.a. You just THOUGHT I was done with vacation posts!)

We hit the beach on our recent trip. The beach here does not consist of sand; it has rocks. Perfectly smooth and round rocks in many colors. You can see the mountain that drops into the sea in the back.

I declare my husband gets better looking by the year.
We didn't plan to get wet except our feet. The water is ice cold this time of year.

I turned to play rocks with the 2 Turk babies (Eva and Benaiah), then glanced back to find this...(those were pants they were wearing) It's those girls born on an island in the tropics; they don't have a lick of sense.

The two babies born in this country were perfectly happy to stay out of the water. I do find it interesting with a thousand rocks around him, Big Ben wanted sister's one rock.

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Melanie Keffer said...

I love the beach pictures. Doesn't nature bring out the beauty in everyone's face? . . . . Even Ross! Ha.

Kathleen was fascinated by the beaches in France also. There was sand, but also the colored rocks like you speak of. She even brought some rocks home but was disappointed that their beautiful colors didn't show up when they were not in contact with the ocean water.

I loved these pictures. Feel free to continue your saga . .


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