Monday, May 15, 2017

Volleyball Season 2017

This has been a fabulous volleyball season. I agreed to help coach this year. I'm assisting the head coach by taking on one of the three weekly practices and just being there as a helper. I've loved doing it, as I get time with my girls and their friends. Plus I love volleyball!

We had several friendly matches, then got to travel to Istanbul for our first-ever out of town tournament. It was so much fun to have better competition and to get to take that trip together! Riding the bus with 25 kids, managing them at the hotel, and getting to coach them was an absolute blast for me! We took 3rd place in the Istanbul International Schools tournament and 2nd place in the Ankara Invitational Tournament for International Schools. I'm so proud of how these girls worked.

Here are a few of my favorite shots...of Firstborn hitting it over the net, set up by her little sis, backed up by her other little sis! She was captain this year and provided leadership to her teammates.

Miss Middler became a star setter, working on her skill until she was so dependable that nearly every 2nd hit went to her for a set up!

I love this picture. I wish I knew what they were all saying to their teammate!

Twinkle dominated the court, too. She mastered her overhand and her spike and her fly through the air returns!
I have loved every single second of this season. And today I will watch their final volleyball game as a three-some of sisters on the court. I may cry a tear or two, not so much for sadness, but because I am just so deeply grateful for their coaches and this opportunity to grow for them in sports. Then again, I may be too busy trying to keep Turkish teenage boys from sneaking up to see our roster (which they did last night) so they can find these cute girls on social media!

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