Tuesday, May 16, 2017

International Day 2017

Our school, since its inception, has celebrated an International Day at the elementary level. The kids wear clothing from their native country, or a country they would like to represent, and the mamas send in homemade food from their country (the real reason the teachers want to celebrate!). This year, we decided to extend it to the Secondary level and to make it coincide with Turkey's Children's Day holiday. It was a fun day. Here's how we represented...

Big Ben decided to represent America. He wore his Redskins jersey (sorry, Dallas fans, I'm following the Biblical command to submit) and his holey jeans. I heard that he told everyone he was dressed like his cousins, because they wear holey jeans. ha ha! 

This gal, as she always has at every Geography fair or other occasion to dress in native attire, represented Singapore. She wears the batik well. 

Sweet Cheeks and I found every bit of plaid we could find and sported our Scotland wear. Such a cute lass she is. 

These girls had fun coming up with a Turkish costume. They decided to dress like so many of the teyzes (aunties) they see in the countryside, and even our housekeeper. 

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