Monday, May 22, 2017

Nature Calls

We are loving our weeks with these kittens! Cappy is a champ! She's such a good mama. 

One morning, I woke to the sounds of bells and baaaaas. The shepherd had brought his sheep to graze in the field across from us. I couldn't get enough of it! 

I know she looks cramped, but this is the box she wants! 

The little grey was the first to open its eyes, but just one eye. 

We called it the little pirate. 

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Anonymous said...

WOW, what a story is all I can say. What an emotional roller coaster. Oh, Sara, I know I am forever telling you how much your kids remind me of my own growing up but it's true, right down to the saving of stray animals and their litters. We called Kathleen the pied piper once after she rescued eight puppies born to a moma dog that was undernourished, we first brought her around with sirloin steak and pinto beans (protein you know - and you think Ross is a softie) and when we revived her, she roamed out to the highway and got killed. Kathleen immediately went to the woods, rounded up the newborns, brought them home, researched formula, made her own, fed them and the story goes on . . . You get the gist. I never will forget seeing my sweet Kathleen out in the pasture leading them around. She was their Moma as far as they knew having fed them laying on their backs like human babies so when they got older you could still hold them that way. The hardest I ever cried over an animal was when we had to take them to a shelter because they were getting out of the fence and one had gotten killed . . . Oh goodness. That is not to mention the litters of kittens we spent hundreds of dollars on . . . I am sure you relate.

I'm too old for my heart to handle animals getting hurt/killed but my Kathleen has always loved them so. That is quite a tale about Cappy. I laughed about the Gardner . . . Yes, who was he? I feel for you with your oldest about to go to school this year . . . I don't envy you that one either. It took me literal years to get use to Kathleen being gone and for the record, no, one of them leaving doesn't make the others easier. At least it never did for me. The only thing that takes a little of the edge off is you are so proud and so happy for them to be heading out into their calling/career. But I'm jumping the gun.

God bless all of you. That was a great story worth waiting for.

Melanie K.

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