Thursday, May 18, 2017

Istanbul Tournament 2017: Having a Little Fun

After the girls played all day, the boys were set to play the next day. We had an evening back at the hotel. The hotel provided an upstairs terrace/lounge for us, which was so thoughtful. We ordered pizza, let the kids hang out, and got them cracking on the classwork they were missing back at school. 

Our hotel was right on the coastline. 

We asked if any of the kids wanted to walk over to the Sea of Marmara at sunset. They had fun skipping rocks. 

And saying they got in! 

On the way home, we walked into a gas station and let each of them pick out an ice cream. I got this photo of the kids. I had to laugh because it became very obvious that both of the gentlemen wanted in the picture! 

The kids behaved well, and the hotel staff could not have been more gracious. This hotel was set smack-dab in the middle of a village on the coast. Unfortunately, our gas was siphoned out during the night, but other than that, all went well. The hotel manager asked us to take a picture in the front and send it to him for his website. 

While waiting on the boys to play, CC texted and  asked, "How's the homework coming?" We took this picture to send to him. 

I kept getting my daughter, a teammate, and her coach mixed up all weekend. I wonder why! 

The boys took 2nd place that day, and we got right on the bus to travel home. We got back at about 2AM and were up for school the next day. I am proud of these kids and so happy we got to go!

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