Thursday, May 11, 2017

Cappadocia for the Final: Sunset

It was almost time to go. We had just enough time for an early dinner, then a hike up to the top of the town of Goreme to the highest point to watch the sunset. We had strolled by this skiddish fella a time or two. A male. Afraid of people. Always sleeping in a tractor seat. I've been catching up on this blog, and I'm only about a week behind at this point. But being a week behind gives me some slight hindsight. I'll just say, I'm glad I took this picture.

The place we eat EVERY SINGLE night in Cappadocia is Old Cappadocia Restaurant. They pull piping hot bread from the fire oven, then give us olive oil and this amazing mix of spices in which to dip our bread. We like it, basically, to an embarrassing extreme. So, the last night, I whispered to the waitress that it was Firstborn's last night here and that she would be going to university far away very soon. So, she brought Firstborn her very own bread basket and spices.

We hiked up and saw such beauty as the sun began to set.

Isn't this place amazing? I never get tired of seeing it!

Because he smiled like this for my couple's picture, I'm going to post it for all the world to see.

Firstborn took this. It might be one of my favorites, especially because I didn't know she was taking it.

And back at the hotel, Cappy was happy. (photo credit to Miss Middler...I thought this was a beautiful picture.)

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Anonymous said...

"Cappy was happy"...I love it!! You guys are such a wonderful family. I enjoy following from Wisconsin.

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