Monday, May 8, 2017

Cappadocia for the Final: ATVs

This was something we had never done before, but we all agreed was our favorite activity on this Spring Break getaway. We rented ATVs.

After taking a few practice spins on the atvs, we took off.

It was. so. much. fun. We started off on a path, but Cappadocia is a very fun place to ride an atv. And Turkey is a place where there are not all that many rules. Let's just say our guide let us have a little fun! And let's also say that one of my children, ahem, Twinkle, had a LOT of fun.

We let Sweet Cheeks pick with whom she would ride. She chose her roommate. She even got to try to drive for a little while.

So, we got to rev up our engines, fly down hills, bounce on bumps, and pull out of ruts. It was fun. I happened to see a person paragliding so I got a picture.

During one break, CC let Big Ben do some of the driving.

This was perhaps my favorite picture from the day. This mountain is one of the volcanic sources which created all these unusual landscapes. It now always has snow. The locals have a saying about "when the snow melts," they will agree to something. I was happy to get a shot of the mountain, full of snow, with an almond tree blossoming for Spring in the foreground.

I say that was my favorite shot. I like this one an awful lot too.

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