Friday, May 12, 2017

Settling Cappy In

This rug picture is a little out of place, but it was the one last thing we did in Cappadocia. Firstborn had planned to buy one before leaving Turkey, but we had planned to surprise her with it for graduation. We found a rug shop owner with fair prices, she knew she wanted a patchwork to represent several regions in Turkey, and she picked this one out. We love it! It will fit in her dorm room, but be something she can use later too. Turkish rugs rock!

There was the matter of getting Cappy home on the 4 hour ride. She didn't much like riding in the car, not surprisingly. It was interesting to think how she howled because she didn't know the safe and secure and loving future that awaited her. We knew her future, but we just had to hold her and try to comfort her in her misery. She finally settled into sleep. I didn't waist a minute when we got home. I shuffled her into our cat carrier and got her to the vet. He gave her vaccinations, a flea ointment, and a pill to kill her parasite. In 24 hours, her parasite was gone. Yes, life was getting better for this street kitty who was used to fighting for her food.

CC and I went out to dinner together the next night, leaving Cappy in the hands of 5 good babysitters.   The vet estimated she was about 6 months old.

She settled in quickly and became part of the family. She's still a kitten, so mornings are playtime for her. She's also deathly afraid of the washer/dryer, which is unfortunate because she shares a room with them at night. I'm turning into Grandma-mode, so I just don't run the washer at night anymore to accommodate her. She's made no attempt to go outside so far. She loves tiny spaces like drawers under beds. She also peers WAY over our 4th floor stairs, scaring us that she might want to jump. She's really been a bright spot for us this Spring.

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