Saturday, May 13, 2017

Cappy....More Than We Bargained For

We noticed that Cappy ate so much more than Phaselis. A growing kitten, we said. We should buy her kitten food, she's only 6 months old. CC was noting that she doesn't ration her food well like Phaselis did. She just wolfs down everything in the bowl. And my goodness, she was getting fat. Poor baby, her parasite had been taking over her stomach. Now that it had been killed, she was finally able to pack some weight on, we said. This was all we were talking about. I'm sure you know where this is going.
I didn't dare breathe a word of my suspicions to CC, but I began wondering if it was really fat she was packing on. It was all in her belly. About a week after we got her, I took her back to the vet for her 2nd round of vaccinations. I looked at him square in the eye and said, "She's not pregnant, is she?" He and his assistant said, "Oh yes. In 2 weeks you will have kittens." I told him my husband was going to die. They had a great laugh over that.

So, everyone in the family was pretty excited about the kitten news. All but one. But, as CC always does, he came around after the initial shock wore off. I've surprised him with pregnancy news a time or two. He always comes around. And that night, I heard him baby talking her, telling her to be careful jumping with those babies in there.

We read up what to do. Sweet Cheeks sent me texts about pregnancy in cats. She suggested I start taking Cappy's temperature to see if she would soon deliver, complete with a weblink of how to do this. I texted back, "I've read the article, honey. Do you know where the rectum is?" She texted, "Rectum?" I decided to wait for Cappy's happy surprise one day rather than start monitoring her temperature. The vet called out as I left his clinic, "It could be one week...." The kids were flying here, there, and everywhere for volleyball tournaments, field trips, retreats. Everyone was hopeful Cappy would wait to have her babies when they were back at home. Cappy was certainly more than we bargained for!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!!! Sweet little Cappy! I can't wait to hear about the kittens :)

Anonymous said...

I declare, Sara, if you aren't the worse person about leaving your readers hanging in mid-air. I have never read a blog that was such a cliff hanger . . More than that, I am beginning to think it is on purpose! Hahaha. (Please know this is meant in a very light-hearted way, but I still had to say it!).

Jeepers! Okay. I will take a deep breath and wait to hear how the kitten story came out. You better not get busy and not finish this tale for a month! :-)

Of course, I'm teasing (she says as she takes deep breaths). :-)

Love you all . . . P.S. My oldest daughter, your former student, also has a cat menagerie going at her house. You've probably noticed on FB. She comes home to find them chasing live birds around her apartment. That has happened more than once. The girl needs a farm. Those cats have been a huge blessing to her.

Melanie Keffer

Sara Campbell said...

Mel, I was dying waiting for those kittens!!! I turned Grandma mode!!! The post is set to come to in the next few days! Thanks for enjoying it. I honestly thought of you when writing it and kept laughing. I've loved watching K with her kitties!! Love, S

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you knew I was joking around with you!! I took a chance you did. It just speaks to how much I love reading your blog.


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