Friday, May 19, 2017


We waited for Cappy to have her babies. She is such an affectionate kitty. I go down and have my coffee some mornings on the couch before coming up to read my Bible. She always joins me. This day, she rolled over for me to see her belly. 

Firstborn was gone for the weekend, as she had volunteered to serve as a leader on the middle school retreat sponsored by the youth group. While she was gone, my little green thumb Sweet Cheeks helped me clean up the yard for Spring. We swept and planted and tidied up, knowing in a month we will host a little graduation party outside. Firstborn took apart a pallet and made me this little shelf. 

The next morning after getting back from the volleyball tournament, Twinkle hopped on another bus for a 4 day field trip to see Troy and Gallipoli. Here she is at the Aegean Sea with her World History class. 

One of the chaperones texted me this picture of the kids on the bus, ha! 

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