Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Cappadocia for the Final: Discoveries and Delicacies

The kids told us that as they were wandering up the hill behind our cave hotel, they found a church. CC took me to go see it.

The inside struck me as beautifully sad. The pillars and arches still stood, but it was filled with smoke damage from campfires inside. It was being used to store grain and building supplies and had evidence of horses living inside, perhaps in the winters. Once a place of worship, now a place of practicality.

Outside I saw an old millstone, larger than I've ever seen before. It gave new meaning to the Scripture, "Better to have a millstone tied around your neck, than to lead one of these little ones astray."

Mornings have always been our favorite in Cappadocia, for our cave hotel serves a good breakfast that carries us through till our early dinner. They had a whole gang of kittens just outside the breakfast window, all curled up and waiting for a little milk.

Turkish breakfast has become one of my favorites.

And he's become on of my favorites too.

Big Ben was happy to get to dip in his own honey without sharing his bowl with someone else!

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