Thursday, May 25, 2017

Cuteness Overload

The kittens are so cute! We all run down to see them as soon as we walk in the door each night. Cappy is doing a great job feeding them and taking care of them. Sometime she licks them so hard she pulls them up into the air! We've started to hear their little rattle purrs alongside their mama.

This is the one that had such a hard time being delivered, then got left alone for part of a day which caused us concern at one point. It is also the LOUDEST, letting us know very clearly that it doesn't want to be lifted up away from mama. So, we always fuss over this one a bit. But last night I got an email from a darling Korean girl in Sweet Cheeks' class (who Firstborn tutors weekly) that her mom finally agreed she can have this kitten. So that makes homes for all three when it's time to leave mama. The calico will go to one of Miss Middler's friends who just had an elderly cat pass away. 

And this chubbiest fluff ball (the kitten, not the gal!) will go to my friend B, who loves kitties, never had a yellow one before, and told me before they were even born, "I want a yellow one if she has one." 

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