Wednesday, May 13, 2009

While I was away...

Sometimes when I am away from the house, I come home to some interesting photographs taken with my camera. Here's one. This is Phaselis the Amazing. He's our male tomcat. Surrounded by Barbies. He looks contented.
Then last weekend, I found this one. Is that Ross, the lawyer-turned-school-director?

And is he making some sort of "Homeboy" gesture?

Just in case you are wondering, Benaiah's shirt is supposed to snap into his pants. It just won't snap these days.


stacey pritchard said...

Cute pics, esp of Benaiah's flower covered hat!

Melanie Keffer said...

Okay Sara . . . These are the best pictures yet! I love these! I vote you feature more of this kind!

Don't you just love what everybody does when Mom is out of the house? I always do, but I don't let on!

Once I came home only to find out my kids had been locked in the trunk of the car. Yeah, well. David is always, "There is no need to tell your mom unless she asks. You don't have to volunteer information." :)


Melanie Keffer said...

The cat and the Barbies is way too cute!


Laurie said...

You KNOW I love all these pictures! Darling!

The Fish Family said...

That is too funny - Ross is going back to his Memphis roots, isn't he?? Benaiah's eyes are just piercing!! Altho he looks so much like a Campbell kid, there's something unique in his look too - all boy for sure!! Josiah will LOVE him!

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