Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day Out/Good Friends

We had a fabulous day today, just outside of town at a big park (which included a mini roller coaster, bumper boat rides, and go carts). This outing was for our staff and their families...just to grill out and enjoy being together...a sort of "Weather-is-finally-warm-you-can-make-it-til-school-gets-out" kind of day.

Eva quickly found a good buddy, the one who offered to fix her a hot dog. On days like this, teachers become aunts and uncles.
Some of our great kids and remarkable staff!
These staff kids were dressed and ready to go before I rolled out of the bed.

Poor little guy. Needed a hat because he might sunburn. Might get a sunburn because he has no hair. Had no hat to fit because he is so wide. He survived, though.

Mary Erin rode the roller coaster with this surrogate grandpa. I was informed she likes to scream!

More pictures and side notes from this day later this week!

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