Monday, May 25, 2009

Hopelessly in Love

Ok, readers, I am in over my head.
In love.
When I found out this little person was to be a boy, I was thrilled, but I'll admit the fleeting thought, (sigh), "I'll love being a mother of a son, but no more smocked dresses? No more frilly pink fancy panties? Boy clothes are just so boring." Then I resolved in my head, "You've had more than your share of dressing baby girls. 4 times. Move on to blue."

Seriously, when I go in a store, my body just migrates, unknowingly, to the girl section. Why would anyone even want to venture to all that blah blue/green/brown stuff?

Well all that has changed. Camouflage pj's. Tiny leather cowboy boots. Onesies that say, "Chicks dig my tractor." Like I said, I'm in over my head.

I put this little plaid tie on him yesterday, then his dark jeans, and shoes. And I just died.

I started taking pictures and I could not stop.

Then I heard Ross tell him, "Aye, laddie, you're wearin' the Stuart tartan. " And I just died all over again.
I finally had to stop. I was going to be late for church. I had more fun than should be allowed dolling my girls up. But with a few grays sprouting on my head, and realizing he's the last wee Campbell, I am lovin' this boy stuff.


Melanie Keffer said...

I am with you Sara. No words describe the relationship between a mother and her son(s). I totally relate . . . You should see the pictures I have! :)

My daughters have blessed my life and my sons have enriched it.

Ahhhh . . . Being a mother!


Melanie Keffer said...

And Benaiah is 'right snazzy' in his tie. :)

Deena said...

He is so cute!!!! I'm so glad you have been blessed with this special little boy!

Rachel said...

so sweet! i love that tie!

His Doorkeeper said...

Sara, he is just about the cutest thing in that little white shirt, jeans AND a tie!! Such a sweet face!
I'd like to introduce him to Harper but she was busy holding hands with a little baby boy at church yesterday already!!

He is precious! And there IS something special about moms and their baby boys!!


Laurie said...

Oh My goodness! Benaiah looks so cute. That outfit is wonderful!

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