Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Den!

Kelly (my college and blogger friend) posted a challenge to us to show our homes. This week is the den. The den is by far my favorite room in the house. I have it just like I want it, especially when it is vacuumed! It's the place where my little 'uns go in the morning so Papa and I can sleep in a little. It's the place where I hear their little fingers learning new piano songs. It's the place where I paint 40 little toenails on Saturday night before church. It's the place we gather each night to read the word, pray for the lost, and say goodnight.

Our den also includes our dining room. This is our authentic Turkish kilim (rug), hand tied by a village lady. I recovered these chairs in a fabric that reminded me of Malaysian batik. Why the lone candle stick? When we left Singapore, we had to sell/give away nearly everything. Long story, tough lessons in Faith. But somehow that lone candlestick got separated from its mate. It reminds me that God was there during that time.
We have several nice sunny windows across the front of our den.

We like to have a few Asian accents. The bamboo does the trick for me.

One of my favorite pieces of furniture is our square Asian coffee table. My friend and I made the tray out of an old picture frame.

When we first viewed this apartment, I saw the fireplace. They are so rare here, I smiled at God. We decorate it for most of the year with candles and sometimes some flowers we pick.

One of our favorite 'toys' is our painted blocks. Officially, they spell 6 holiday messages, like "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Birthday." But we find something new to change them into every week or so. Sometimes I get invited to dates by Papa with them.


Laurie said...

I LOVE seeing where you live! I love your rugs and hardwood floors. I also like how it seems so light and airy with all the windows. I spotted Ross' guitar in the corner. I remember him playing a song for me that he wrote for you years ago.

Deena said...

Thanks for sharing! I love seeing your home. It's nice to have a more accurate mental picture when I think about you and your precious family.

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