Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer Serenade

Friday night the 3 Singapore Campbell girls performed in their piano recital, entitled Summer Serenade. To be honest, it was bittersweet. My dear friend of 13 years (we worked together in Singapore, then Turkey) has been their piano teacher now for 5 years. She is moving away this year. She will be sorely missed. It's the time of year for goodbyes, and this year will be a hard one. Here is Firstborn with Hannah-Lee at her very first piano recital 5 years ago.
Look who made it in town just in time for the recital. Heybet was given permission to leave her current residing city of Amasya for 1 week to visit her sister, who had her little baby on Saturday morning (got to see the precious little peanut Saturday and baby are both doing fine).
Esther played "Waltz Time." Ross and I have waltzed to the waltz's the girls play at home, we refrained at the concert.

Annika played a Spanish folk melody called "Maleguena." I reminded her to really punch it on the last notes, she did great.

Mary Erin has moved into classical music. She played "German Dance" by Beethoven. Let's just say there isn't much her mama can help her with at this point. She has exceeded my abilities.
And here is a tiny clip of Annika's piece...


Melanie Keffer said...

Absolutely lovely!

Being the opposite of musical, I put my children in art classes and things like that. I just knew if they inherited anything - inherited being the key word here - it was something their mother or dad could already do. Little did I know, but I learned. Now, at 18 years old, Karoline is about to learn to play the piano for the first time and Maverick has taught himself the guitar and plays well. Karoline bemoans the fact that she didn't start piano/voice much younger. She started when it was time . . . BUT she might have started sooner had I not been so sure she was musical inept like I am. :)

The lessons some of us learn! Thinking about your comments about Mary Erin moving past your ability. It is wonderful to see. Hopefully, you will post some clips sometime of the other two girls playing. We would enjoy hearing them.


P. S. And I do have some children who inherited artistic abilities, so I wasn't totally wrong! :)

Deena said...

What beautiful girls! I'm sure you love having your home filled with music. I wish I had continued with piano lessons. I would love to be able to play today.

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