Wednesday, May 20, 2009


My blog post is lovingly dedicated to the letter E. I love the letter E. Think of how many words need the letter E. My grandmother's name started with E. Half of my daughters' names begin with E.

But today, E took on a new meaning for me. This week, as you know, I haven't blogged as much. I've been 'up at the school.' (I love to say, 'up at the school' as if we live out in the country. Really, though, the school is 'up.' It is up a hill. We call it our light set upon a hilltop.) A pediatrician from the US has come to serve our school children by giving them free health screenings. I have worked as his assistant. We have a lot of students, and we are screening them for eyes, ears, and scoliosis. I have enjoyed doing it...just interacting with the kids a little, trying to help it not be scary at all.

Today a quiet little Nigerian girl came in for her eye exam. I'd love to post a picture. She's beautiful. Beautiful dark skin, large chocolate brown eyes, braids. She's lovely.

She walked in, and began reading the letters on the chart. She could not read the E. You know, the E at the top of the chart. How could she have survived 9 years without being able to read the E? But now she knows she can't read the E, and that it is possible to get glasses and read that letter E.

She has 2 moms living in her home and many children. Some of the children are her siblings, some are the other mother's children. Perhaps she is overlooked. But if I have to take her and buy her the glasses myself, she is going to get them.



becca said...

Of course you can list me on your blogroll... may I list yours?
I can't say I get pedicures from my boys :) Abigail is a queen care taker though and loves to pamper anyone not feeling well. I told David in a few years we will have no excuse for not having THE most perfect yard in the neighborhood. So you're in Turkey? Wow!!

Laurie said...

Last night was REALLY BAD!!!!!!!!!!!! Steve ended up sleeping with her and she still would wake up and cry. "Big Ben" that is funny!

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