Friday, May 29, 2009

What a week!

This post will not be particularly clever or funny, but I would be remiss not to tell you all that has been going on with the Campbell clan. Last Friday, as you know, the older girls had their piano recital. Check. Then on Monday, Miss Middler had her Tae Kwon Do belt changing pre-test. Check. Monday afternoon Firstborn and The Tiptoe-er (2nd daughter) had a demonstration to show the parents what they have learned in their cheerleading club. Check.

Doesn't the little guy on the side look interested?
My girls were good strong bases, way to go!
Tuesday afternoon Tiptoe-er had her Tae Kwon Do belt changing pre-test. Check. Wednesday afternoon they had a clogging recital to show us the new dances they had learned. Check.

My favorite part about it was that their sweet teacher had clearly told them to smile more this time. I enjoyed the smiles, plastered though they were.

Thursday evening was the Secondary Music Concert. Our little Miss Middler was asked to be in it and we were so excited to see her perform with the big kids. She was part of a 5 person back up group, accompanying an 11th grader who sang "Lean On Me." However, she came home with fever, so we had to miss it.

It must seem we are in every conceivable club. This year there have been many offerings for their age group. It is so convenient because they just stay after school, then walk home when they are done. We are thankful for those teachers who offer time after a busy school day to enrich our girls.
The final event of the week is MY belt changing pre-test. Oh my, I am blocking and punching in my sleep. I'll admit I am nervous. I think it is because the last time I was in a sport that actually mattered if I won was 19 years ago. I've played on teams and inter murals, but it was more about having fun and laughing at our aches and pains to come the next day. This time, I am competing. Will I be a yellow belt? This afternoon I will prove I either have the skills to be a yellow belt or that I need more practice. I do know this. If they gave belts for motherhood, I'd be on my way to a black.
I close with a video. Adorable kids. I love them so much. My only comment is, "Hey, baldy up front. Sit down! Oh, I know that bald head."

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Melanie Keffer said...

And just think . . . Your kids are growing up with "Cecil-ia B. DeMille" for a mother! :))

I need to make a confession. I used to laugh (in a good way) when you were nervous with one . . . Remember those days? At the time, I was running around with four little ones. Now mine are not so little and you are running around with FIVE, showing me a thing or too, huh? :)

I'm too old to run around with little ones anymore, even though I think that is a skill you never forget.

They never quit being a lot of fun. I sure am enjoying all four of mine together for a while.

Love to the whole Campbell Clan -

From the Keffers

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