Thursday, January 8, 2015

Israel: Galilee Up Close

We had seen the Sea of Galilee from the mountaintop, so CC drove us down to get near it. It really was as beautiful as I imagined, surrounded by a coastline of rocks and enclosed by mountains.

We decided to try to eat our breakfast at the "cottage" each morning, then pack something to eat for lunch. We would go out for dinner, but save money on the other meals. I packed some pita bread, lunch meat, and cheese. We saw this ice cream truck. My kids had never bought ice cream out of a truck, so we let them each pick out a treat. I made them run and wave him down, that's part of the ice-cream-truck-process, afterall.

The rocks were not all smooth, like those lining our Mediterranean coast in Turkey. They were rough, made from lava.

And after a little while there, we needed to go. I could have stayed all day, re-imagining all the Biblical scenes I had pictured and heard since I was little. But before we went, I saw this little fire pit. Just some stones gathered to safely house a fire for cooking. And I thought of Jesus, cooking fish for his disciples, reassuring them that He indeed had risen, that He indeed would return.


Tara G. said...

I love how observant you are about the little things like a fire pit and families on the hillside. Precious images that will make the Scriptures forever different as you read them!

Anonymous said...

Awesome posts. I love each one.


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