Thursday, January 15, 2015

Israel: Woe To You, Chorazin!

We drove to Chorazin, where the man at the gate ushered us in without punching our tourist card. (Remember we needed 6 punches to get our money's worth?) At the end of touring this place, Firstborn took the cards, ran back to the gate, and asked for punches! She wanted her card punched that she had been there!

Here's my handsome husband in front of some woeful ruins!

This was found and pieced back together. It would have been the top of the synagogue, they believe.

I liked this part. There was a plaque naming this tree as likely the variety of tree from which Jesus' crown of thorns would have come. You could partially climb this tree, then pull a string, which would ring the bell on cross at the base of the tree. Jesus cursed this village, for He did miracles here, but they did not believe. And yet, the cross gives hope to anyone who will believe.

This was a ritual bath house.

They had also unearthed an ancient olive press.

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