Saturday, January 3, 2015

Israel: Tel Aviv at Dusk

We ventured out that night to see the historical side of Tel Aviv. The sunset over the Mediterranean was beautiful.

The boats held a fascination for us, knowing we would soon see the very lake where Jesus was.

Tel Aviv is the old town of Jaffa (formerly called Joppa), where Jonah booked his ticket to get away from the mission God gave him.

Big Ben made a few photography "Oh! Mama! Get that dead fish on a rock over there." I politely declined.

We still heard mosques at sundown, but they are side-by-side with churches.

I found it very interesting to read a sign in Jaffa about a Jewish man named Isaiah (from Istanbul) who was close to the Turkish rulers who occupied this land. He purchased a building in Jaffa, where he established a synagogue and guest house for Jewish pilgrims. It lasted 101 years until riots in 1921 destroyed it.

Big Ben found a Jaffa Coastal Cannon from the Ottoman Period. We know all about the Ottomans!

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