Sunday, January 4, 2015

Israel: Tel Aviv on Christmas Night

We celebrated Christmas Night in a place I have never been, Jaffa. We so enjoyed seeing crosses and palm trees.

We went inside an old church, St. Andrew's, built in 1927.

It was nice to see this beautiful nativity on Christmas Night.

The kids had lots of questions about the differences in Protestantism and Catholicism. It was especially interesting to Big Ben, who has many Catholic friends. We explained that it is all about how they view Jesus. Is He the only way we can come into a relationship with God? He only asks us to recognize that He is our only hope of salvation and accept His gift.

As we strolled through the town square, we found the sign to Simon the Tanner's House.

We ended with a quick fish dinner. It turned cold once the sun set!

We would soon learn that the main fish served around Tiberias is called St. Peter's fish. It is a type of tilapia and is the most common catch.

Tel Aviv was nice, but navigating traffic, the lack of streets signs, and one way streets was stressful. In the morning, we would set out for Tiberias!


Anonymous said...

Well, I don't how you went home . . . And this was just the beginning. :)


Anonymous said...

Interrupting for a commercial break . . . I cannot find the post where you tell about your new camera. At the time, I was thinking of a new camera for us, you mentioned Ross researched it and a researcher myself I really liked the things you mention, especially the pictures at night without flash. I have been looking at the A6000 model . . .

I know you all gave better things to do but I'd love if you had a second to comment.


Sara Campbell said...

Mel, it was great to have, I never once used a flash. I learned several new settings while I was there. It is a sony Nex-5T. In the camera section, you want to ask for the mirrored. Far fewer cameras there, but my photographer friend tells me they are the next new thing. I love it, hardly take a bad shot :) lots of features I am yet to use like the wifi setup for auto download, but it will get there!!!

Sara Campbell said...

No, auto correct messed me up...mirror less, not mirrored!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sara!

P.S. I have noticed a definite difference in the pictures!

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