Monday, January 19, 2015

Israel: Mount of Beatitudes

They are not completely sure from which mountain Jesus spoke the Sermon on the Mount. There are so many surrounding the Sea of Galilee. We took all of them in during our Mt. Arbel panoramic view, wondering which it might have been. But the one that has been labeled "Mount of Beatitudes" was on our drive home, so we stopped. The gate was closed, but on our way back down, I spotted a hole in a fence. And well, we live in Turkey. We just go in the hole in the fence where we are from.

The place was beautiful and "untouched" from that spot.

We  enjoyed the view, then hiked back down. 

All too soon, the next morning, it was time to leave Tiberias. I promised Sweet Cheeks she could go see the lambs one last time.

We bid the bed bugs goodbye, and we were off to Jerusalem. As we drove off, I took one last picture of the surrounding mountains, between which was the Sea of Galilee.

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