Monday, January 19, 2015

Israel: Yardenit: Our Jordan River Baptismal Spot

CC's goal was to make it to Jerusalem by nightfall, as our maps and information were not always correlating with the streets. As we left Tiberias, our highway took us right by Yardenit, the spot dedicated for baptisms in the Jordan River. Upon our decision to go to Israel, my first request was that my husband baptize me in the Jordan. We had thought if we could do it and if we found a spot, we would try.

We saw the road sign for this site, and though none of us had planned to be immersed in water that day, we pulled in to find out if we could do it there. I did not want to further complicate the driving to Jerusalem and the timing of it all, so I told him we could wait and see if there was another spot later in the week. My three oldest daughters, however, did not comply so easily. "Please, Papa, please let us do it here. Today. Now. We will help you all we can while you are driving to Jerusalem." This was the same earnestness that they displayed when first asking God to come into their lives. The earnestness of their plea captured his heart. Soon we were inside, inquiring.

It is hard for me to explain this in words, but for those reading this blog who know the Lord Jesus as Savior, you will identify. Sometimes you come upon a "spirit" in a place that is so tender and so other-worldly that you know it is different. This was such a place. It was almost as if we had been transported somewhere different, somewhere not quite Heaven, but certainly not of the Earth either. As we entered, tiled walls in all different languages, with the Scripture of Jesus' baptism, surrounded us. I asked my Singapore-born daughters to pose by the tile donated by believers in Singapore. (There was also an English-Singapore version, but we opted for the Chinese.)

It was a dear, sweet reminder to me of Revelation 7:9, where we are promised that every nation, tribe, people, and language will be represented, worshipping the Lamb. I live in a land that is 99.9% Muslim. This was, in itself, a baptism of my spirit to see this.

I asked my Scottish Campbell boys to pose by their sign.

All I can say is that, for that hour, so much in my life that seems to crowd out the Lord from my heart, ceased. It seemed to be that way for my children, as well. There was such a sweet spirit. The joy of the Lord and His peace overcame us.

Tomorrow, I will tell our Jordan Baptism story.

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Jill said...

I understand your words so richly...praises be to the great I Am!

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