Thursday, January 1, 2015

Israel: Tel Aviv Survival

We decided not to book any sort of tour. They were so pricey. But that meant we would need to rent a car, plan what to see, and navigate the roads ourselves. We had to fly into Tel Aviv, the bustling city on the western coast of Israel.

By the time we found the rental van, figured out how to disable the security keypad so it could be driven, discovered CC's smartphone would not have any sort of roaming service (read: NO GPS), looked at the small Tel Aviv map we had in his pocket, and talked to a pizza guy who let us call the rental landlord and confirm our location, it was after 1AM when we finally found our little rented room. 

The next morning, Twinkle Toes, CC, and I walked around the corner to find a little grocer. It didn't take her long to decide she would pray for a calling here. The grocery store pulled her in! Cheeses, breads, hummus dip, cookies. They had great Israeli and American foods.

We ventured out to use this "down day" in Tel Aviv.

CC, unwilling to lose the one good parking spot he finally found in the middle of the night, used a compass to help us walk to the coastline.

 It was a beautiful day and soon the shoes came off, pants were rolled up, and at least one of us just turned his clothes into a swimsuit.

Everyone needed a nap that afternoon, especially our beloved driver!


Anonymous said...

This sounds like the best way to see Israel! How could you not love such a place? My mother loved the people! I remember President Bush loved being where J was. The closet physical place to G on this earth.

Yes, it would be wonderful. Thank you for sharing outside your family.


Ellie said...

I can't even begin to imagine what being there must have felt like. It's my dream. I told my husband I'd rather go there than anywhere. Walking where Jesus walked...I think I would be in a constant state of awe. Unfortunately, due to my husband's job, we're unable to travel there (or any of the 'hot' spots in the world) now or in the near future.

Thank you for sharing!

P.S. I'm visiting from Kelly Stamps' blog.

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