Sunday, April 15, 2012

Capturing Cappadocia: How the Pendulum Swung

 One day we hiked, and it just seemed Big Ben was not as into it as he was before. He walked slowly, felt tired, wanted to be carried. later that day, he awoke from his nap and cried about everything. That night we went to get some dinner, and I told CC I'd just let him sit in my lap during dinner. It was right then, that he crawled in my lap and put his head on my chest, that I realized he was running fever. Maybe 100 or 101. Poor guy! After five babies that I held for so many years, I can tell when they have even a 99 degree temperature. Any other moms out there second that?

While we waited on dinner, CC ran back up to our cave room to get some fever reducer I had brought. I didn't bring any Tylenol or Advil liquid and was out of my Turkish stuff, but I knew I had a few chewable tablets. They were Junior Strength Tylenol,  with a prescription of 2 tablets for ages 6 and up. I convinced myself that he was the weight of my 6 year old and it would be ok to give him 1 tablet (a 1/2 dose.) (I realize I may get comments on this. I'm open to advice if that was dangerous.)

So, nothing made him happy. But within literally 15 minutes of chewing that tablet, we watched a transformation. He suddenly felt great. Actually, he felt more than great. His pendulum swung so high in the other direction, it became comical. Everything was hilarious to him. Every motorcycle that drove by was amazing (to the point of screaming, "Woah! Mom, wook!!!" and running to see it closer. He became Spiderman. Everyone got a web slung at them...our waiter, the other customers, all of us. Bless him, the pill helped.

CC and I were talking about the quick transformation, a little unsure of what he might do next, when CC made one of his classic comments. (So many people think he is series and quiet. They just don't always see his humor.) He said, "Hey honey, do you think you could give me one of those when I get home from work in the evening?"



Anonymous said...

I really hesitate to comment here anymore knowing I must come across a little on the aggressive side, . . . BUT, never fear! One advantage of crossing the 50 year old mark (which I have been across for a while now) is that you are not nearly as bothered by what people say about you. :)

However, I do not want it to ever seem like I am saying anything about you, Sara. First of all, this is YOUR blog and how rude would that be!! That is the height of bad manners to me. (One sure way to know I never mean anything negative.)

With that disclaimer (ha) . . . I have to say I remember the days. My kids were the same way, especially the boys who seem to come with their own unique brand of energy . . . Break that fever and they are good to go. In our house, a lethargic boy meant serious illness. It never failed, the few times they were like that it was always pneumonia, measles, etc. and even fever medicine couldn't change that.

So, yeah I know what you're saying. We moms learn to read our children. David used to say, "How do you know?" The doctor used to ask my opinion and told me he tended to trust a woman who had more than one child. . . . Isn't that funny?


Sara Campbell said...

Mel, please don't stop commenting! I really value your wisdom, you are just one step ahead of me. You have 4 great kids and are a loving, submissive wife. I look forward to your wisdom!

Anonymous said...

You are a marvelous lady yourself Sara. I don't ever want it to seem like I am criticizing you. (The older I get the more I just speak my opinion whether it is asked for or not . . . Not sure that is a good trait. Trying to tame that one a little. Ha.) You know how the written word is. I really enjoy your blog and reading about all your adventures. You always have such a pleasant point of view, even when things are less than perfect.

I would love to meet Ross sometime. I had a sneaking suspicion that he had a good sense of humor.

Thank you for your kind words to this 'old' woman. :)


P. S. I will have to tell Dave your perception of me as a submissive wife. I am sure he will laugh. The truth of the matter is I have an outstanding husband. It takes a very special man to be married to a woman with a strong personality -- To be able to give her the freedom her personality needs without letting her get out of control. Not just any man could handle that. David has always given me free rein to be myself and yet at the same time, I do not ride over him . . . But he will still laugh when I tell him what you said.

And I have to tell you this, most smart wives already know it but I got it straight from the horse's mouth, that yes, there are times when we girls have to stand up to our husbands. David has told me that in the past. He said, "Sometimes I am wrong and you need to stand up to me. Don't think that will mean I like it, but I listen to you." He does listen and I have to be very careful with that ability because it would be easy to discourage him or tear him down. That is something we girls also have to be careful of.

Tara G. said...

The lips on the forehead are almost better than a thermometer! Seriously, you live in a second world country- do what you need to do! :) How long will you be in TN this summer? I think we'll be in AR- at the latest- by the end of July.

Rachel said...

I've had to use the 'half dose' idea myself a couple of times with my kids when nothing else was available. And with my boys, I just say they are 110% boy. All the time. He was just using up all that stored energy from the day in the last few hours he had left to use it.

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