Friday, April 13, 2012

Capturing Cappadocia: Double Meal Deal

Something that just tickled me to no end was the way Sweet Cheeks worked the system while we were there. We were fed our breakfast around 8AM. After all the guests ate, the staff workers would finish cleaning up, then sit down and eat together. They also took an afternoon meal around 2PM. One day it was simple lentil soup with fresh cut veggies as a side, and of course, Turkish bread! Well, Sweet Cheeks would have her fill of food each morning. She then played with Ziren. Ziren's mother and all her aunties would call them in to come eat. They insisted that SC come eat with them. And so she did! These photos represent three different occasions that she racked up on a double meal. And I didn't even get one on the last day just before we left, where she sat and ate homemade sucuk (their version of a spicy beef sausage) and bread with the hotel owner.  (These folks are just as lovely as they look in these pictures.)

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Tara G. said...

Your little one is precious! What fantastic memories!

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