Monday, April 16, 2012

Capturing Cappadocia: Turkish Fish and Chips?

We needed to get a quick bite to eat before a big adventure, so we stopped at a man's restaurant and checked his menu. We were happy to see a few non-Turkish foods, as we'd eaten straight Turkish all week. I suggested the kids try "Fish and Chips." (The man listed it as such on his menu, I am sure, to attract those from Europe looking for some boneless fish pieces, breaded and fried... with a side of French fries and maybe a dollop of coleslaw. That's what I was expecting, anyway.)


Not quite what we were expecting. Still, Miss Middler and Sweet Cheeks put it away (all except what you see above) and liked it. And it gave me a wonderful opportunity to tell my entire family, once again, how I ate fish eyeballs in Thailand with their dad.


Tara G. said...

Kudos to you all- I can't eat fish. I tried. I mean, we lived in Alaska, but I just can't do it- it tastes so...fishy!

Angie said...

Yikes, not sure if I could have eaten that or not. How awesome that your kiddos are willing to try new things though!!!

Anonymous said...

It is my southern upbringing that allows me to eat a fish like that. I grew up in a family of fisherman, and though fish is not my favorite food, there are some that are very good. I do know how to eat a whole one. Did you know the tail is edible, if fried . . . At least on brim and crappie and the absolute best catfish, hands down, no competition, comes from the Mississippi River?

Just thought I'd throw in a little fish trivia to go along with your story. How interesting!!


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