Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Seventh Grade Sleepover

Firstborn had a sleepover in honor of her 13th birthday. We invited all of the girls in her class, plus one former classmate. (There aren't many of them, the boys far outnumber them!)
We had an American, Italian, and Korean friends join us. And we had Mexican to eat! They didn't seem to mind.

Her friends brought the most darling gifts. Her Italian friend brought a Sephora bath gift basket. Man, wish I had an Italian friend!
Make up, in a handmade basket.
A charm necklace with sewing trinkets on it.
This friend had just returned from a trip to London. She found a little tin in the shape of a kilt, with shortbread in it and "Campbell" stamped on top. I want that tin!
Stationary and hair accessories, a must for a 13 year old girl!
The girls were so easy! They watched Fireproof, talked, painted nails, and were asleep by half past eleven. Coffee and cinnamon rolls awaited them when they woke up. The biggest challenge of the night was not the sleepover with a roomful of girls (though I did have to go open windows and air out the nail polish smell!). It was keeping the little Turks out of the room after bedtime! Big Ben personally kissed every one of those girls goodnight. Sigh. We are creating a monster.
Happy birthday party, my sweet girl. I thank God for our friends here!


Tara G. said...

Those Italian friends sure can cook, too! :) What fun and I love her short hair!!

Rachel said...

So fun! Our first 'big girl' party is this Sunday. Aria is turning 6 and I promised her a party with friends. Lord help us!

Anonymous said...

Sara, you know my favorite thing about all this? It is watching you navigate teenage waters. It brings back memories. Each thing you say and do, I remember the feelings I had when going through similar situations.

Teenage years can be scary because it is the transition between adult and kid. Not quite an adult, and not quite a kid. At least, that was my thinking in those days. I worried that I had not taught them enough to be ready to make it on their own.

My youngest are about to be 17 and 18 and they are boys . . . different circumstances than the girls. I am thankful God let me have the girls first . . . . My boys have to be men that take care of a family, no matter what. They have a different type drive in them. I realized one day that their mother was the only woman that would ever have any authority over them and that was temporary as it was. I have had to learn to treat them like men while still discipling them like sons. That is a fine line, for sure.

I am glad you have a son because it is a wonderful experience and an eye-opening one (ha) to raise a man. The old-fashioned saying, "The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world," is so very true.


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