Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Science Center with First Grade

I was delighted to get to go on the Science Center field trip with first grade. Sweet Cheeks' teacher is a dream. She suggested I come along and bring Big Ben. "He'd love it!" she said. She also suggested that I attend, since I'll be teaching next year and more limited in getting to do these things. Have you ever had a teacher that nice (to think of that and even suggest that you bring your rambunctious little boy)? Here is Big Ben looking at a louse in a microscope. (If you read this blog 3 years ago, you'd understand why I have absolutely no comment about that.)
 Here is the amazing first grade with Miss B.
 Sweet Cheeks with her Albanian sidekick, who I think is a Dora-the-Explorer look-alike.
 Here are some other darling girls. One Korean mother came along and gave me sushi (kimbop) for lunch. I love Koreans! One of my jobs was to keep the Turkish teens (who were skipping school) from pinching the cheeks of all the kids while we played in the park. You can see why it is tempting.
We had a great time!

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Angie said...

What fun- glad you and Ben were able to join in :)

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