Saturday, April 28, 2012

Miss Middler Weekend: Breakfast

We clearly picked the hotel for the breakfast. It was amazing! I totally spoil them on this one weekend. She got coffee, as much as she wanted.
 Real bacon.
 An omelette and waffle made to order.
 Then she wanted to go for a swim. I love this picture in all its 4th-grade-ness.
I enjoyed a nice long time to get my Bible study done while she swam in the cold water. (Turks don't heat pools...unhealthy, they say. I am far more concerned about the heart attack I might have upon jumping in the frigid water. But lest you think me a poor mom, I did swim later that night. For just as long as she wanted. And just as soon as she said she was ready to go warm up in the hamam, I exited the pool with a very delighted smile.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, all I could think was the wonderful and warm Hamam after the cold swimming pool . . . Ahhh!

The Turkish bath would have been enough for me, let alone all the other. I bet the breakfast was a real treat . . .

I have always had my eye on your 'Miss Middler' as alot of fun.


fatoumatta said...

I love the picture. They are so pretty and I missed all of you.
I had lot of fun when I was in that school.

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