Thursday, April 5, 2012

Capturing Cappadocia: Getting There

It's our Spring Break, so we headed out about 3.5 hours away to Cappacodia. (We try to get away from the city and school during our two school breaks each year.) We never tire of Cappadocia. Here is a shot from the drive down. Sheep and a shepherd.
 Someone couldn't quite make it without a nap. Someone couldn't quite make it without her ultra-cool sunglasses (which she bargained for in Turkish, I might add.) Someone couldn't quite make it without being in the picture somehow.
 This beautiful little tea/coffee table greeted us as we entered our room.
 Though we sleep in caves down here, it's not quite as primitive as it sounds. Our cave is lined with Turkish pillows and rugs, has heat, and even has wireless internet! And while I am at it, I will shamelessly remark that if you travel in Turkey and plan to see Cappadocia, you will not do better than Vineyard Cave Hotel. I can't say enough about how wonderful it is. Hassan Bey, the owner, owned another hotel, sold it to someone else, then the rates doubled (which is why we haven't been back down here in awhile.) Hassan called us a few months ago and said he had opened and renovated a new cave hotel and invited us to visit. His philosophy is truly that his home is our home. For example, we come up to the terrace at night after the kids are asleep to use our computers. He chats with us and brings us whatever his wife has just cooked up. You absolutely could not do better for your money than to stay here. This is the entrance to our room.
 We were all eager to arrive and find adventure in this beautiful land!


Rachel said...

I love the hospitality overseas. :) Looking forward to your pictures of you adventures.

Barbara Flanagan said...

What a wonderful adventure! I'd love to visit there some day!

Tara G. said...

FUN!!!!!! My kids would love to stay in a cave!

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